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Rofi tips and tricks I've found

Customising rows (icons, meta)

You can add icons and invisible search terms easily to your rows in Rofi.

See man rofi-script and the Parsing row options section for options you can customise on a row (snippet below):

Extra options for individual rows can be set. The extra option can be specified following the same syntax as mode option, but following the entry.

For example:

  • echo -en "aap\0icon\x1ffolder\n"

The following options are supported:

  • icon: Set the icon for that row.
  • meta: Specify invisible search terms.
  • nonselectable: If true the row cannot activated.
  • info: Info that, on selection, gets placed in the ROFI_INFO environment variable. This entry does not get searched.

Multiple entries can be passed using the \x1f separator:

  • echo -en "aap\0icon\x1ffolder\x1finfo\x1ftest\n"

For a real example see:


See saving-websites-as-apps